Infection control at Mosman Village Dentistry


Are we sterilising our instruments correctly?

At Mosman Village Dentistry we take infection control seriously and for that reason we maintain a high standard in sterilising our dental instruments.

It is an utmost importance to us that we can treat

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Have your teeth cleaned like having a dental spa

I remember seeing a young patient in her 20’s for a check and clean. After the clean, she remarked, “Wow, my teeth feel amazing! I bet celebrities have their teeth cleaned like this every month!”. It dawned on me then

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What causes Bad Breath?

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Dental survival guide to the festive season

Ho Ho Ho. Christmas is already upon us and everyone is wrapping up the year-end work, ready for this joyful festive season. Some of you may be attending many parties whilst others might prefer relaxing by the beach. Whether it … Read more

Are you using antibiotics responsibly?

In my 19 years of practice in dentistry, I have seen a fair share of patients with dental problems who see their medical GP before going to the dentist. These patients often present with a history of a toothache, which … Read more