Do you ever look in the mirror as you clean your teeth and wish your teeth where whiter?

Are your yellowing teeth making you look and feel older than you are?

Your natural teeth are prone to discolouration over time due to various causes including consumption of coloured foods and beverages, smoking, certain medications and ageing.

Professional teeth whitening is a simple, safe and effective way to improve your smile.

At Mosman Village Dentistry we offer both ‘In-office’ and ‘at home’ whitening protocols depending on your needs and your lifestyle.

Teeth whitening is often the first phase of a smile rejuvenation. Once your teeth are whitened to your satisfaction, then the new restorations such as white fillings, veneers or crowns can be matched to the newly whitened teeth to enhance your smile further.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

We use professional grade, clinically proven safe and effective whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide. When the whitening gel is applied to your teeth, the active ingredients penetrate into the tooth structure (enamel and dentine) and remove the stain and discolouration. The hydrogen peroxide breaks down the colour molecules within your teeth and leaves them bright and younger looking. Temporary side effects can include sensitive teeth and very rarely gum irritation.

Professional whitening delivers whitening agents into the dentine layer and brightens its shade. Unlike over-the-counter products aimed at removing surface stains from the enamel, professional whitening gel is not abrasive to your tooth surface.

At home teeth whitening

Our preferred method of whitening is “at home” whitening protocol for various reasons.

  1. It has predictable success.
  2. It delivers better result compared to “in-office” whitening. There is no quick fix in dentistry. The best and safest whitening requires time.
  3. It’s more cost effective for patients as it doesn’t take up “chair-time”.
  4. Most “in-office” whitening requires patients to take home whitening trays to continue the whitening at home.
  5. Patients are in control and are able to gradually whiten the teeth in their own time. This is especially important if you have sensitive teeth.
  6. “At home” whitening uses a lower concentration of whitening gel compared to “in-office” procedure. There is less risk of gum irritation or sensitivity compared to “in-office” procedure.
  7. The custom-made whitening trays can be used over and over again in the future. Most of our patients take home new whitening gel after their professional clean to “touch -up” and whiten their teeth again.

Is it at home teeth whitening safe?

Professional whitening tooth does not weaken your tooth structure. In fact, the reverse is true; the active ingredient of whitening gel hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria that cause gum disease and decay. Wearing the whitening gel with custom-made tray over-night can help fight gum disease and decay.

Because the whitening gel can interfere with dental adhesive bonding agents we wait at least a week before carrying out any cosmetic work that require bonding to tooth surface.

The main side effect our patients report is temporary sensitivity and gum irritation.

How long does the teeth whitening process take? What sort of results can I expect?

It takes several weeks to show the best results. Usually after 2 weeks of commencing teeth whitening, most patients are pleased with the result. We see the best results when patients whiten teeth consecutively (every night if you can) for 4-5 weeks.

Because every patient has different shades of dentine, we can’t predict how many shades your teeth while whiten. If you have yellow colour in your dentine you respond better to the whitening process compared to having a grey colour.

The more you wear the whitening gel the brighter they become but there will be a limit to how much you can whiten your teeth. When you no longer notice any further whitening effect, you have reached the brightest shade of your dentine.

Is the whitening result permanent? How long will my teeth stay bright?

All teeth are prone to stain and discolour with age and time. Whilst whitened teeth will always be brighter compared to teeth never before whitened, they too will become dull over time.

Newly whitened teeth usually remain bright for months to years depending on your health and lifestyle. Custom-made trays are great investments as they can be utilised over and over again to “touch-up” and whiten teeth over the years.

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