Infection control in our dental surgery

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What causes Bad Breath?

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teething in babies

Teething in babies. Myths vs Facts

Over the holidays my sons and I have been making many excursions by public transport. It was on one of the beautiful scenic rides on Sydney Ferries that I noticed a mum with a crying baby. The mum gave her … Read more

Dental survival guide to the festive season

Ho Ho Ho. Christmas is already upon us and everyone is wrapping up the year-end work, ready for this joyful festive season. Some of you may be attending many parties whilst others might prefer relaxing by the beach. Whether it … Read more

Toothbrushing tips for children

Babies get their first teeth at around 6 months of age. When the first tooth comes through, tooth brushing begins! Brush twice a day, in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before bed. Children need help with brushing … Read more

Are you using antibiotics responsibly?

In my 19 years of practice in dentistry, I have seen a fair share of patients with dental problems who see their medical GP before going to the dentist. These patients often present with a history of a toothache, which … Read more