Have your teeth cleaned like having a dental spa

I remember seeing a young patient in her 20’s for a check and clean. After the clean, she remarked, “Wow, my teeth feel amazing! I bet celebrities have their teeth cleaned like this every month!”. It dawned on me then that this beautiful and young female in her twenties viewed having her teeth cleaned like a pampering experience much like a facial!  I wondered how many of my patients viewed their dental clean like a facial or a spa experience? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone looked forward to treating themselves to a nice, soothing scale and clean?

This is when I became obsessed with making a mundane check and clean, an event that you may look forward to. The answer to my quest was EMS Airflow dental spa. At Mosman Village Dentistry, we use this state-of-the-art technology to clean teeth and provide guidance to reach your oral health goals.

Imagine having your teeth cleaned, but instead of the typical sensation of scrape, cold sensitivity and a cacophony of high pitch noise, you feel a soothing, warm water jet gently removing the build-up of plaque, tartar and bacteria. EMS Airflow developed in Switzerland is innovative equipment that leaves you feeling as if you have just visited a spa for your mouth.

When we discovered this new way of cleaning teeth and gums we immediately signed up for the training and invested in installing EMS Airflow units into our recently renovated rooms. We have been a proud owner of EMS Airflow Dental Spa since 2018, the first in the lower north shore of Sydney.


How we clean your teeth, Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

Have you ever experienced the traditional scale and clean? Most people hate the cold water, the painful scaler and the gritty paste for removing stains. A clean with an EMS Airflow Dental Spa and Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is very different to the old method of cleaning. It’s one that you have to experience to appreciate the difference but I will do my best to explain here.


Firstly, we paint your teeth with a solution that shows areas where bacteria are prevalent. You may feel you do not wish to see this in your mouth but we swear by the way this empowers you to be motivated and set your oral health goals high. Remember, just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And, if you think you’ve been brushing just fine, maybe there’s room for improvement.

Next, we show you how to best remove plaque and bacteria in the difficult to reach spaces. There are so many new inventions and gadgets that help us to improve our oral health. We hand-pick what will work best for your individual needs in your target area. Demonstration of these tools removing plaque in your mouth will help you to continue with this new regimen daily at home so you can maintain clean teeth and gums between your dental visits.

Lastly, using a precision, high-power water pressure EMS Airflow Prophy (a bit like a sophisticated version of a high-pressure Gerni) we remove the stained plaque and tartar around the teeth. This is the part where the soothing warm water jet wraps around the teeth and gums much like a spa for your mouth.

Oral Health is Key to Your Overall Health and Well-being

Looking after your oral health lowers the risk for many life-threatening ailments, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and dementia. Now recently, data shows those with healthy gums recovered from Covid-19 faster.

The mouth is the beginning of the digestive system and it really is the window to your overall health. Just as gut flora is important to our health we need to pay attention to oral flora and minimize the number of harmful bacteria that can lead to gingivitis. Inflammation (bleeding gums, gingivitis) in the mouth have an important role in inflammation in the rest of the body which is the trigger for many diseases.

At Mosman Village Dentistry, we believe in prevention and education. If you are shown how to achieve the best for your oral health, then you have a better chance of maintaining a healthy mouth. Additionally, if your routine professional clean is not one that you would dread or be anxious about, but it is one that you can actually look forward to, and feels like a dental spa, then you are more likely to attend your regular clean and check-up. It is this positive experience that we strive to deliver to our patients.

With much love and best wishes during the challenging times of Covid-19 Sydney lockdown,

Dr Jennifer Chang