Replace your damaged tooth with white fillings and bonding

Restorations (or white fillings) are used to replace damaged tooth structures due to decay, tooth wear or fractures.

  • Have you got a damaged tooth?
  • Is decay, tooth wear or tooth fractures making you smile less?
  • We can replace your damaged tooth with white fillings and bonding.

At Mosman Village Dentistry, we use tooth coloured white fillings which are biocompatible and natural looking.

Bonded composite resin restorations:

If your tooth decay is small to medium sized, we can restore it by using bonded composite resin restorations. These tooth coloured “white fillings” allow us to select a shade that matches your tooth colour. We bond them onto your tooth in one appointment. Bonded composite resin fillings are a good option for replacing small amalgam fillings.

Ceramic Crowns  and Inlays/ Onlays:

These are custom-made ceramic restorations that are fitted and bonded to your teeth. Our ceramic technicians create custom-made restorations that mimic your teeth in function and appearance. We only work with local ceramists who are well-known for their artistry and attention to detail.

Smile makeover/ bonding:

If your front teeth have small fractures or irregularities we can repair them to even out your smile. Composite Resin Bonding is an inexpensive way to rejuvenate your smile.

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